Visibility Of Store Elements


Humans are overwhelmed with visual stimuli.  Advertising, screens and endless bays of products in a typical supermarket. This abundance of visual content prompts our brains to automatically deselect most of the content around us, especially during a supermarket shopping trip. That’s why many POS marketing, signage or products remain unseen by humans for quite some time.

To understand what works and what doesn’t work and how shoppers visually process shelves while shopping, Shopper Vision offers visibility data for category segments, brand blocks and POSM on an unprecedented scale.

Get visibility data on samples of hundreds of shoppers:

  1. Percent of category shoppers seeing an area: brand block, category segment or a POSM
  2. Shelf Heatmaps indicating focal points

Grow category sales by combining visibility and sales data, optimize shelf layouts to put high selling products on most visible locations.